You can create your own mathematical calculations and your own indicators in Parity Plus 2.1. Simply, you can tailor the program around your needs.

Parity includes over 50 of the most popular indicators for the technical analysis of stocks and commodities. The majority of these indicators act as functions that return an array, which can be used as the input to another indicator or within a user defined formula. This makes it easy for you to do "studies on studies" or to develop your own proprietary charting tools.

You can simply tailor parity plus 2.1 after your needs, create new indicators, generate buy and sell signals tailored in accordance with your riskability and trading rutines. Or use Parity Plus as is.

Parity Plus 2.1 Contains:

· Accumulation/Distribution
· Average Directional Movement Index
· Average Directional Movement Rating
· Accumulation Swing Index
· Bollinger Bands
· Commodity Channel Index
· Chaikin's Oscillator
· Correlation Coefficient of two arrays
· Covariance of two arrays
· Detrended Price Oscillator
· Directional Movement Index
· EquiVolume Indicator
· Geometric Mean of array d
· Harmonic Mean of array d
· Linear Regression Slope Indicator
· Mass Index
· Minus Directional Indicator
· Median of array d
· Money Flow Index
· Momentum Indicator
· Moving Average
· Moving Linear Regression
· Negative Volume Index
· On Balance Volume
· Price Oscillator
· Volume Oscillator
· %D Line Function
· %K Line Function
· Price Deviation Oscillator
· Price Channel Bands
· Plus Directional Indicator
· Positive Volume Index
· Price Volume Trend
· Rate of Change
· Relative Strength Index
· Relative Strength Index with specified data array
· Random Walk Index of Highs
· Random Walk Index of Lows
· Parabolic Stop and Reverse System.
· Stochastic Momentum Index
· Standard Deviation
· Stochastic Oscillator
· Wilder's Swing Index
· True Range
· TRIX Indicator
· Time Series Forecast
· Larry Williams' Ultimate Oscillator
· Variance
· Vertical Horizontal Filter
· Chaikin's Volatility Indicator
· Wilder's Volatility
· Weighted Close
· Williams' A/D
· Williams %R
· Zig Zag Indicator

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