Parity Plus 2.1 offers a complete range of analysis tools to meet your needs whether you are a novice, expert or somewhere in between.

Parity's charting capabilities permit you to graph a security's price, volume and up to nine indicators in a single chart using any combination of stacked or overlapping panes, each of which can include one or more indicators.

Parity incorporates traditional Open, High, Low, Close charts, Line and Bar charts, Japanese Candlestick charts, Point and Figure charts, Equivolume charts, Horizontal Bar charts, and a Price at Volume chart which is similiar to The Crocker Chart©.

The most innovative aspect of Parity is its unique use of Groups of Stocks, Batches of Studies, and Clusters of Charts in order to simplify the analysis of a large number of securities at one time.

In addition to charting individual stocks, Parity lets you define a Composite Security composed of any number and type of data files. Composites are similar to an index or portfolio of securities. Since Parity permits you to assign positive and negative weights to each security in a composite you can create and chart complex spread and straddle strategies.

In order to manage the profusion of sophisticated charts you can design with Parity, virtually all of its settings can be saved to disk and recalled for another Technical Analysis Session.
In addition, Parity provides a graphical Display Matrix that permits the user to easily jump from stock to stock and study to study.

Parity Plus includes sophisticated profit testing and optimization tools that let you test your trading strategies against all the securities in a group. You can summarize the results of a profit test for an entire group or examine summary and transaction details for every security in the group. Parity Plus even lets you chart the cumulative profit and profit by position against price.

Parity is compatible with 5 or 7 field MetaStock/CompuTrac data files, ChartPro/MegaTech data files, Comma Separated ASCII files, and TeleChart 2000 data files. Daily, weekly and monthly data in these formats are widely available from various on-line and data disk services.

Parity also permits you to import price data from MS Excel, Lotus 123 WKS files, Comma Separated Value text files and Tab Separated Value text files.

Parity Plus includes a complete set of utilities for file and data maintenance and data conversion.

If you need more information just send us an e-mail with your phone number. One of our colleagues will contact you with in 24 hours.

Features in Parity Plus
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