USEC International - Client Report Service-About CRS

USEC International's CRS™ (Client Report Service) is a communication and administration service that all our clients will have access to from the very beginning.CRS™ makes our clients' administration easier.

You have an immediate communication with us regardless of where you are.
By checking the reports, you get a good picture of what we are doing. You have the possibility to contact us through the CRS-system regardless of time and place. You do not need to remember any phone numbers, faxes or wait for a call. We get your message immediately and serve you right away.

You have control over your project and you may, at any time, check the progress in your project and if needed, give us new directives. We believe that information about our work for you, is one of the most important factors in our and your business. Therefore, we give you daily information concerning our work progress.

Since we do the administration, you have the possibility to keep updated all the time. You can manage the project costs more efficiently.

You do not need to keep track of pages and pages concerning your project. We take care of the administration and put everything in your portfolio. We administrate everything through the CRS-system. You can print the information you need at anytime, or just let us know, we will send what you need to you.

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