Client Report Service

Company name: Name of Your Company

Code: This is an internal code for your company. You receive this code in the beginning from USEC International.

Personal ID: This is a specific username that authorizes you to get access to CRS.

Password: Your individual password connected to your Personal ID.

Project Name: This is your Project name. If you have not given us a project name, the project name is the same as Project ID.

Project ID: This is a unique ID for your project.

Authorized Client: The person at your company, who is authorized to get access into CRS. The authorized person is normally the first contact person at your company.

Other Authorized Client: This field shows other persons, who can get access to CRS. The authorization can be changed and the level of access can be restricted depending on directives from your company.

Time Frame: This field shows the approximate remaining time for your project before it is ready.

Client Report Service
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