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About USEC International Inc.

What Makes Us Unique Is Our Expertise And That Is What We Offer

We are managing many years of educational experience. Today we offer our clients a variety of advanced courses in Economy, Financial Market, Law, Medical Science..>>


Technical Analysis Education

Make your investment more profitable with the world's No.1 education in Technical Analysis

If you save or invest your money in stocks, bonds, funds or any other security, you can discover the real profit potential with the world's only and most complete interactive course for technical analysis directly at your home or office..>>

Interactive Solutions
USEC International's Services Our solutions offer you a short cut to a faster track

USEC International is a leading actor in the information era. We offer you information power and interactive multimedia capabilities beyond your expectations..>>

Technical Analysis Software
We offer complete analysis tools to meet your needs whether you are a novice, expert or somewhere in between.

Parity is a Stock, Future, Option, Currency and other Security Charting and Technical Analysis Program designed to take full advantage of the Windows Graphical User Interface...>>

Parity Plus 2.1
Fundamental Analysis Tool
Stock Rate

The world's most complete tool to analyze and fundamentally evaluate and rate 21.000 companies in 5 continents

Discover the potential of your investment, evaluate the earning strength and the financial risk when you buy stocks. This unique Fundamental Rating Tool measures the financial quality of companies World Wide based on their ability to earn money - "earning strength" - and their economic foundation - "financial risk".

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